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A serial rape jihadist on the loose in York where two separate sex attacks have happened over a 3 day period last week. Both of the sexual assaults took place in the around Radisson Park Inn hotel in the city centre.
Image result for North Street near to the Park Inn
Detectives investigating two sexual assaults in York are appealing for information from the public.
The incidents took place in the area around North Street near to the Park Inn.
One woman was sexually assaulted after leaving a city centre nightclub in the early hours of Thursday, 13 July 2017.
Police are still investigating the exact circumstances of events surrounding the incident including the precise location of the attack.
They are urging anyone who was in the area at the time to get in touch if they saw anything that may help the investigation.
In a second incident, a woman was sexually assaulted as she walked along the riverside path between Bridge Street and the Park Inn.
She ran off following the incident, which happened between 12.30 to 12.45am on Saturday, July 15 2017.
Her attacker is described as of Asian appearance, in his 30s, and around 5ft 6ins to 5ft 7ins. He had a shaved head with a prominent hairline. He was wearing a dark jacket, dark trousers and white trainers and had a bike with white colouring.
After the attack a man and woman, who police believe are not connected to the incident, walked past the victim near a walled garden area next to the Park Inn. Officers are keen to trace these people, as they believe they may have important information.
Police are carrying out detailed investigations into both incidents, including reviewing CCTV from the area, and are working to establish whether the two incidents are related.



Concern for the future safety of females who visit  Levengrove Park in Dumbarton after reports of two ‘Asian’ oddballs pestering females walking in the park. Witnesses described the pair of Muslim creeps as ‘weirdos’. Unfortunately that hardly narrows down the potential suspects as 99% of Muslim males could also be described as weirdos. You only have to take a look at their following of the backwards and outdated Islam, and the way it rules over their entire lives to realise they are all weirdos
Witness took photo of the two weirdos pestering one female
Witness took photo of the two weirdos pestering one female

POLICE patrols are expected to be increased in Levengrove Park after two men were seen pestering four women who were out for a stroll.
The creeps also asked to take pictures of women’s children.
One of the women has spoken out about the weirdos and warned others to be on their guard.
The incidents took place in the park on Tuesday, July 11.
The two men are described as of Asian descent, one in a suit and another in a tracksuit. It is understood they are aged between 40 and 50.
One dogwalker, who The Reporter is not naming, described her ordeal.
She said: “As they passed me, they looked me up and down, making me feel very uncomfortable.
“As I got back onto the path I saw them talking to two other females who both had dogs and a little boy.”
However, the woman told how the men later confronted her when she was seated at a bench.
She said: “I decided to sit on a bench to let them pass but they then stopped and started to hang around.
“I remained seated for 10 minutes but they approached me, boxing me in on the bench.”
The men are then understood to have quizzed the woman about a phone in their possession, before asking for her address, whether she was a student and why she was wearing crutches.
They also wanted to know how much her dog was worth.
Things took a sinister turn when the men, who up to that point spoke English, began speaking in a foreign language.
She continued: “At this point the man in the tracksuit got up off the bench and pointed at the view. And, bearing in mind they spoke in English the full time, they then began to speak in another language with the two men then switching positions and the man in the suit then sitting down next to me.”
The men also asked her “how life was treating her.”
The quick-thinking female got up and continued to the park exit.
She added: “When leaving I met the two ladies that I seen earlier on to then find out the two same men had done a similar thing- but asked to take a photo of her child!
 “I got straight on my phone and remained at the exit of the park while I watched them approach another female who was alone with her dog!
“The behaviour was a cause of concern.”
She added: “In total I witnessed them approach four different females.”
The woman has shared her concerns on Facebook and her ordeal has already been shared more than 2400 times on social media.
A police spokesperson said: “Police Scotland received a number of calls relating to the behaviour of two men in Levengrove Park in Dumbarton on Tuesday evening, 11 July 2017.
“The reports related to the men approaching women who were walking in the park and engaging them in conversation which made them feel uncomfortable.
“Advice has been given to the woman and Police Scotland wold ask that if anyone else has experienced such an incident then they should contact them at Dumbarton on the 101 number.”

Monday, July 24, 2017

Barmaid, and lover brutally beat her 'annoying' ex to death with the help of three teenage boys then photographed his corpse in their car boot and buried him on the moors

  • Mohammed Shiraz Bashir, 42, and Leonie Marie Mason, 24, killed Craig Preston
  • The 34-year-old's body was found on the moors of the A628 in Derbyshire
  • Three teenagers, one aged just 14, helped the pair plan the murder of Mr Preston 
  • The gang showed 'no remorse' for the 'brutal and sustained assault' last August
A couple have been found guilty of savagely beating a man to death before taking photographs of his corpse. 
Mohammed Shiraz Bashir, 42, and Leonie Marie Mason, 24, murdered 34-year-old Craig Preston in a lay-by then dumped his body on the moors of the A286 in Derbyshire.
Three teenagers who helped the pair carrying out the attack were found guilty of manslaughter. One was aged just 14 at the time of the murder.  
Mason, who changed her name to Alina Shiraz, had been in a relationship with both Mr Preston and Bashir at the time of the attack on 21 August. 
Mohammed Shiraz Bashir, 42
Leonie Marie Mason, 24
Mohammed Shiraz Bashir, 42, and Leonie Marie Mason, 24, murdered 34-year-old Craig Preston in a lay-by
Sheffield Crown Court heard the pair launched a 'brutal and sustained assault' on Mr Preston.  
Mason had been with Mr Preston for about six years after meeting him while working at a hostel. She later met Bashir and started seeing him while still with Mr Preston.
She claimed Bashir had been 'fine' towards her at the start before becoming violent and controlling.
Mason and Bashir plotted to kill Mr Preston because he was an 'annoyance' to their relationship. 
The pair launched a 'brutal and sustained assault' on Craig Preston
The pair launched a 'brutal and sustained assault' on Craig Preston
They recruited the three teenagers and lured Mr Preston to the lay-by before kicking and punching him and stamping on his head. 
They then stuffed his body in the boot of a car and dumped it on the moors, where it was found by dog walkers on August 22.
Police were able to track them down after finding 'horrifying' images of Mr Preston's beaten body in the car on Bashir's phone as well as many texts between all defendants planning their attack.
He had been severely beaten and a port-mortem examination determined he died as a result of head injuries.
All five had been on trial at Sheffield Crown Court for 12 weeks charged with murdering Mr Preston, also known as Craig Nelson.
The five, who had all denied murder, are due to be sentenced at a later date. 
Bashir and Mason were remanded in custody and Two 15-year-old boys and a 16-year-old boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, have been remanded in the care of a local authority. 
Mr Preston's body was dumped it on the moors near the A286 in Derbyshire, where it was found by dog walkers on August 22
Mr Preston's body was dumped it on the moors near the A286 in Derbyshire, where it was found by dog walkers on August 22
Det Chief Insp Steve Handley, the senior investigating officer, said: 'This has been a complex and difficult murder investigation into a brutal and sustained assault on Mr Preston in summer last year.
'Bashir, Mason and the teenage boys planned together to harm Mr Preston, which we were able to demonstrate through a combination of CCTV enquiries, forensics and telecoms work.
'We completed extensive telephone forensics work on the mobiles of all defendants and rather horrifyingly, were able to retrieve an image of Mr Preston's beaten body in the boot of a car on Bashir's phone as well as many texts between all defendants planning their attack.
'This overwhelming evidence was placed before a jury who have reached their verdict. 
'I am pleased with the result and wish to recognise the work of my investigative team who have built a significant and complex case, as well as the Crown Prosecution Service and local authority, who have worked alongside us to manage this case.

'The three juvenile defendants, one of whom was just 14 at the time of Mr Preston's murder, have shown no remorse for their actions, just as Bashir and Mason have denied their guilt throughout.'

ISIS-supporting hate preacher Anjem Choudary becomes first extremist moved into new 'jail within a jail' anti-jihadi unit

  • Anjem Choudary first Islamic extremist to be moved into separate prison unit
  • It has been specially created to stop the spread of hate preaching behind bars 
  • Review of extremism in prisons last year recommended 'jails within jail' 
Hate preacher Anjem Choudary is the first extremist to have been moved into a new ‘jail-within-a-jail’ unit to stop jihadis spreading hate behind bars.
The ISIS-supporting preacher has been placed in a ‘separation centre’ in HMP Frankland in County Durham.
Frankland, which is a Category A prison meaning of the highest security, is the first of three UK jails to have such units.
Anjem Choudary, pictured, has become the first extremist to be moved into a special 'separation centre' behind bars to stop him preaching hate among inmates
Anjem Choudary, pictured, has become the first extremist to be moved into a special 'separation centre' behind bars to stop him preaching hate among inmates
Anjem Choudary pictured at a demonstration
Anjem Choudary was jailed for five and a half years in 2016 for urging Muslims to support ISIS
The extremist, pictured left, at a demonstration, and right, was jailed in 2016 for urging Muslims to support ISIS
According to the Sunday Times, Choudary was moved into the separate unit after ‘refusing to stop preaching extremist views’ despite warnings from prison bosses.
It comes as it was revealed the notorious hate preacher – who was jailed for five-and-a-half years last year for urging Muslims to support ISIS - has received more than £140,000 in taxpayer-funded legal aid.
The establishment of separate units for extremists was recommended after a review of Islamic extremism in prisons conducted last year.
Author Ian Acheson wrote: ‘Islamist ideology can present itself in prisons as a struggle for power and dominance in which perceived weaknesses are exploited by a gang culture which threatens or undermines legitimate authority and security.
‘Islamic extremism should therefore be a greater and more visible priority for the National Offender Management Service, led by people with the time and resource to act swiftly and with authority.’

The two other prisons that will set up secure units for extremists are HMP Woodhill, in Milton Keynes, and HMP Full Sutton in Yorkshire.

Choudary is believed to have inspired at least 110 Britons into committing terrorist acts and encouraged up to 850 fanatics to travel to Syria to fight for the Islamic State.

He billed the taxpayer £140,557 for his unsuccessful court battle - and the figure is set to rise as his lawyers continue to file claims.

The data, revealed in a freedom of information request, includes £98,122 to pay for a solicitor, £23,569 for another court lawyer, and £18,866 in legal firm expenses.

After an Old Bailey trial shrouded in secrecy, Choudary was found guilty of 'inviting support for a proscribed organisation' under the Terrorism Act 2000.

His deputy, Mizanur Rahman, was convicted of the same offence, and the pair were each sentenced to five and a half years in prison.

Choudary has long served as the smug public face of radical Islam, organising protests against British troops and spouting his bile in TV interviews.

His now-banned radical group, Al-Muhajiroun, has links to 15 terror plots, including the murder of Lee Rigby and the 7/7 attacks. 

Choudary, pictured at a rally in 2014, has also been revealed to have received more than £140,000 in taxpayer-funded legal aid

As leader, he repeatedly provoked the British public with a series of stunts in which his followers burned remembrance poppies and disrupted Armistice Day events.

Choudary also called for Buckingham Palace to be turned into a mosque and paraded a picture of his vision which was made by a man now fighting for ISIS.

For his trial anti-terror police investigated 20 years worth of material, with more than 333 electronic devices containing 12 terabytes of storage data analysed.

His conviction could be revealed only after the case had concluded due to court orders banning reporting. 

A Legal Aid Agency spokesperson told MailOnline: 'Anyone facing a crown court trial is eligible for legal aid, subject to a strict means test.

'Those who do meet the relevant thresholds may still be required to pay a significant contribution towards the costs of their defence.' 

The drug taking, heavy drinking student who became the public face of British radical Islam

Choudary's band of supporters rose to prominence in 2006 protesting against Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
Choudary's band of supporters rose to prominence in 2006 protesting against Danish cartoons of  Mohammed.
Born in south-east London to a market stall-holder, Choudary attended Southampton University, where he indulged in casual sex, porn and experimented with LSD and cannabis.
But he joined Al-Muhajiroun after falling under the spell of founder Omar Bakri Mohammed, the notorious preacher who praised the 9/11 attack and hailed the London 7 July bombers the 'Fantastic Four'.
His band of rabble-rousers rose to prominence in 2006 protesting against Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
This was followed by protests at parades for soldiers returning from Afghanistan, burning poppies and screaming insults during a two-minute silence on Armistice Day in November 2010.
From Choudary's secret headquarters hidden in the cellar of a sweet shop run by his family in London's East End, he spread his vile ideology to his tens of thousands of followers on Facebook, YouTube, What's App and Twitter.
But, using his legal training as a solicitor and forensic understanding of terrorism legislation, Choudary always managed to dodge prosecution, playing cat and mouse with police and MI5.
Tens of millions of pounds was spent investigating him.
Using his legal training as a solicitor and forensic understanding of terrorism legislation, Choudary always managed to dodge prosecution
Using his legal training as a solicitor and forensic understanding of terrorism legislation, Choudary always managed to dodge prosecution
However, it was shortly after IS was made illegal in June 2014 that Choudary made his crucial mistake.
On July 7 of that year, the preacher and his disciple Mohammed Mizanur Rahman, 33, signed an oath of allegiance to IS which was posted on the internet.
Choudary was arrested two months later and convicted after a month-long trial at the Old Bailey.  


Yet another Muslim taxi driver rapist jailed, only this sicko hails from East London. Bit of a coincidence after the earlier post about the taxi driver in Birmingham. Even more is that their names are almost the same. Very much two different people, but this one is definitely from the same mould as the last  sex case and the countless other sex offending Muslim taxi drivers that have been wrote about in the past.

Mini-cab driver jailed for sex attacks on lone women

[Image: Jahir Hussain]
A mini-cab driver who sexually attacked lone women has been sentence to 12 years’ imprisonment at Snaresbrook Crown Court today, Monday 10 July.
Jahir Hussain, 37 (24/03/1980) of Morris Road, E14 had previously pleaded guilty, on 15 May after one day of his trial at the same court, to Two counts of rape, three counts of sexual assault, one count of assault by penetration, as well as two other linked offences.
The conviction and sentencing follows an investigation by the Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Command.
Hussain attacked three women, one on 21 October 2016, and two in the early hours on 2 December 2016. Whilst he was registered to work as a mini-cab driver, he was not actually working when he picked his victims up and attacked them.
On 21 October 2016 Hussain picked up his first victim in the Old Street area as she made her way home. Hussain attacked her after she fell asleep in the back of his car. His victim woke to find Hussain in the back of the car with her, and that he had cut off her clothing. Hussain then repeatedly attacked his victim before driving her home.
On 2 December 2016, at around 02:00hrs, Hussain was again in the Old Street area when he asked by his second victim if he was the mini-cab she had ordered. He wasn’t, but he lied and told his victim he was. His victim got in the car, fell asleep, and again awoke to find Hussain in the back of the car with her. The victim waking up seemed to stop Hussain from carrying out any further attacks. Under the pretence of actually taking his victim home Hussain instead drove to an abandoned industrial estate. His victim managed to escape the car, and Hussain fled the scene in his car, abandoning his victim there.
From that attack Hussain went back to the Old Street area and picked up a third victim at around 0400hrs, acting a as a mini-cab driver despite the victim not having booked one. Again Hussain’s victim woke to find him in the back of the car, having cut her clothing off and attacking her. Hussain again drove his victim home.
In both incidents in December led to the identification of Hussain’s number plate and he was arrested at his home on 3 December 2016. He was charged in the early hours of the next day.
Forensic evidence then linked Hussain to the October attack and he was further charged.
DC Samantha Dart, the officer in the case, said:
“Hussain is a predator who exploited his employment as a mini-cab driver to seriously sexually assault vulnerable females. Women should be able to go out and enjoy themselves without fear of assault.
“We are grateful to all three women for having the courage to report these matters to police, and for their continued support throughout the investigations.
“The strength of evidence against Hussain was overwhelming which led to him entering guilty pleas and the sentence handed to him reflects the gravity of his offending.”
Acting Detective Inspector Steve Birchall, the supervising officer in the case, said:
“Hussain is a predatory sex offender who has taken advantage of his position by targeting vulnerable women he has picked up while acting as a mini-cab driver. Travelling home by mini-cab should be a safe method of transportation and Hussain is in no way reflective of the numerous taxi drivers who offer this service every night in London. He has been identified and now convicted through the presence of mind and strength of the three women in this case who have had the courage to report what happened to them to the police.”
Full breakdown of offences and sentencing:
1. Rape (contrary to section 1 Sexual Offences Act 2003);
2. Rape (contrary to section 1 Sexual Offences Act 2003);
3. Sexual assault (contrary to section 3 Sexual Offences Act 2003);
4. Assault by penetration (contrary to section 2 Sexual Offences Act 2003).
All against the 23-year-old woman on 21 October 2016
5. Sexual assault (contrary to section 3 Sexual Offences Act 2003); 6. False Representation to make gain for self (contrary to sections 1 & 2 Fraud Act 2006).
Both against the 31-year-old woman on 2 December 2016
7. Sexual assault (contrary to section 3 Sexual Offences Act 2003);
8. Battery with intent to commit a sexual offence (contrary to section 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988 and section 62 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003). sentenced to 2.5 yrs to run concurrent
Both against a 29-year-old woman on 2 December 2016
Hussain was sentenced to 11 years for counts 1,2 and 4; two years for count 3 – sentences for counts 1-4 are concurrent; two years for count 5; no separated penalty for count 6; one year for count 7; and two and a half years for count 8 – sentences for counts 7 & 8 are concurrent.
All con current sentences are to run consecutively – 15 and a half years – reduced to 12 years (with a minimum of eioght) for guilty plea, with an extended license of six years on release.
Hussain was ordered to be on the Sex Offenders Register for life, and is subject to a an indefinite Sexual Offences Prevention Order preventing him from working or posing as a taxi, minicab or other driver, and preventing him from being alone in a private vehicle with a lone female (other than a family member) or unless the lone female has been notified of his conviction.

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6,000 Children at Risk in Hundreds of Unregistered Faith Schools, Warns Inspector

Up to 6,000 pupils could be in danger, and the warning comes as one former pupil claims his teachers caned him on an “almost daily basis”.
Amanda Spielman, head of the school’s inspectorate, Ofsted, called this weekend for new laws and powers to protect children.
“It is clear that weaknesses in current legislation allow some organisations to teach school-aged children religious texts full time… and avoid proper scrutiny,” Ms. Spielman told The Sunday Times.
“Since January 2016 my inspectors have visited numerous establishments that they believe should be registered as schools. The fact that such places are able to operate and remain unregistered leaves pupils at risk.”
It is estimated that up to 6,000 pupils are taught in 286 unregistered centres that inspectors have identified in England over the past 18 months.
Ofsted has recommended the schools for prosecution but no cases have come to court, although some have closed their doors.
Fewer than half have been inspected, 36 have been issued warnings, and the inspectors have been unable to get access to the rest, The Sunday Times reported.
“We will do everything we can to make sure they comply with the law or are closed. But action is also needed to protect the children who attend these places,” Ms. Spielman added.
The Department for Education said: “We have given Ofsted resources to step up investigations, identify them and work with us to take whatever action is required, including closing the school or working with the police and Crown Prosecution Service as necessary.
“There are already powers in place for local authorities and the police to safeguard children and intervene where they are not receiving a suitable education. We will support them in using these powers.”

Muslim woman suing estate agent ‘after being told black hijab made her look like a terrorist’

A Muslim woman is suing her former employers after allegedly being ordered to remove her black headscarf because the garment had “terrorist affiliations”.
The estate agent, who did not want to be named, had been working for Harvey Dean in Bury for almost a year when she says managers took issue with her hijab.
A complaint filed at the Manchester Employment Tribunal says the woman was told that moving from a back office into public view meant “that it would be in the best interest of the business for her to change the colour of her hijab, due to the supposed terrorist affiliation with the colour black”.
A colleague allegedly claimed that the predominantly white and non-Muslim community around the company’s office would “feel intimidated and scared if they saw the claimant”.
The woman, who had been wearing a black headscarf that left her face uncovered since starting at Harvey Dean, said she was not prepared to change her attire for the reasons given.
She says she refused again in a phone call and a meeting held the following day with the male manager, who had allegedly brought coloured hijabs into the office for her to change into.
Hours later, the claimant says she was reprimanded for sending a text message to her father.
“He then went on a tirade accusing the claimant of not working,” read tribunal documents seen by The Independent.
“The claimant informed him that she was on her lunch break but he told her that he did not care [and] then proceeded to tell her to: ‘Get the f*** out of here.’”
The woman left the office and, after hearing nothing further from the company, submitted a letter of resignation the following week.
She claimed to The Independent that her objections to the order “fell on deaf ears” and left her feeling unable to remain at the company.
“I was shocked at what they were asking and the reasons they were giving,” the woman added.
The former housing sales negotiator said she felt “singled out” as the only Muslim woman in the office and claims the company discriminated against her on the basis of both religion and gender.
The tribunal complaint argues that her treatment created an “intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating and offensive environment”, and is seeking a written admission that she was subjected to unlawful discrimination.
The case, which will be considered at a preliminary hearing at the Manchester Employment Tribunal on 20 July, could result in Harvey Dean paying “aggravated damages” and compensation covering loss of earnings, holiday pay and legal fees.
“If I receive anything, that will be of secondary importance,” the claimant said.
“What is of primary importance to me over and above anything is that this serves as a warning to employers that such pressure upon employees is absolutely and categorically unacceptable based upon illogical ideas with no evidence.
“Young Muslim women, whether they attend schools, colleges or work in professional environments, should never have to feel that they have to compromise their religious beliefs or water down their Muslim identity for fear of intimidating people of other or no faith.”
Zillur Rahman, an employment lawyer representing the claimant for Rahman Lowe Solicitors, believes the case is the first of its kind in the UK following a landmark ruling at the European Court of Justice in March.
Judges found that companies could legally ban employees from wearing the Islamic headscarf, but only as part of prohibitions encompassing all religious and political symbols equally.
“An internal rule of an undertaking which prohibits the visible wearing of any political, philosophical or religious sign does not constitute direct discrimination,” the court ruled.
“However, in the absence of such a rule, the willingness of an employer to take account of the wishes of a customer no longer to have the employer's services provided by a worker wearing an Islamic headscarf cannot be considered an occupational requirement that could rule out discrimination.”
The complaint in Bury alleges that Harvey Dean had no such rule in place, noting that Muslim male employees were allowed to wear beards and the company’s staff handbook stated that it “does not seek to inhibit individual choice as regards appearance”.

SECOND headteacher claims there's a 'Trojan Horse-style plot' at Oldham school with Muslim governors

  • Fears over takeovers of school re-emerged last week amid claims in Oldham
  • Now a second head teacher from the town has made allegations of bullying
  • Planned school's Muslim co-founder denies the claims made by the teacher
  • Former British Army officer says the school was set up to teach British values
A second headteacher from Oldham has spoken of alleged 'Trojan Horse' style bullying at a free school in the town.
Fears over attempts to impose an Islamist ethos into British schools re-emerged in Greater Manchester last week when headteacher Trish O'Donnell claimed she was forced out of her job by 'intimidation'.
Now Rick Hodge, who was due to be principal the Phoenix Free School in Oldham, has said he also suffered a 'campaign of harassment' by the school's Muslim co-founder.
Rick Hodge, who was due to be principal of the Phoenix Free School in Oldham, claims he was bullied in a 'Trojan horse-style' plot
Rick Hodge, who was due to be principal of the Phoenix Free School in Oldham, claims he was bullied in a 'Trojan horse-style' plot
Phoenix Free School was based on the idea of having former Armed Forces servicemen and women teaching children in the town, which was hit by race riots in 2001.
But the school failed to open after not enough children applied and Mr Hodge left as principal designate in 2013.
Mr Hodge has now told The Sunday Times's Andrew Gilligan that he suffered a 'campaign of harassment' at the hands of Affan Burki, a former British Army Officer who tried to set up the school.

The paper reported that nearly all of the school's governors were Muslim, despite the intake being aimed at an even split between white and Asian pupils.

Mr Hodge, a former pilot who was principal designate of the project, claimed there was a row over the dress code set for women staff at the school.

It comes after Trish O'Donnell, head of Clarksfield Primary School in Oldham, claimed she has received death threats
It comes after Trish O'Donnell, head of Clarksfield Primary School in Oldham, claimed she has received death threats
He said another man connected with the school 'went completely off on one about how not wearing a hijab would effectively turn all Muslim women into whores'.

Mr Burki vehemently denied any bullying of Mr Hodge and said the claims about the hijab row were invented.

He told MailOnline: 'I am a retired British Army officer. I have served in Afghanistan and fought against these people who would harm us.

'This was the opposition of a Trojan Horse school. We were trying to install British values into pupils.'

He said 'Walter Mitty figure' Mr Hodge left after the school after it failed to obtain a reference from his previous place of work.

The row comes a week after Trish O'Donnell, head of Clarksfield Primary School in Oldham, said she received death threats and 'harassment and intimidation' from Muslim parents pushing an ultra-conservative religious agenda.

Oldham Council said it had investigated the claims made in December but concluded it had 'no concerns' about any schools.

The Trojan Horse plot refers to an organised attempt to introduce an Islamist ethos into several state schools in Birmingham three years ago. 

The name comes from a leaked letter in March 2014, alleged to be written by hardline Muslims, detailing how to get control of schools and speculating about expanding the tactics to other cities

Gay marriages in Britain's Muslim community 'thriving', Islamic drag queen reveals

Ms Lahore rose to fame in Channel 4’s Muslim Drag Queens in 2015
Asifa Lahore, 34, has stated gay marriage - while strictly prohibited in Islam - is in fact more common then previously thought. 
Billed as the first Islamic drag queen, Ms Lahore rose to fame in Channel 4’s Muslim Drag Queens in 2015. 
But after 24-year-old Jahed Choudhuy claimed his marriage to San Rogan in Walsall last week was the first in the UK, Ms Lahore revealed it is more prevalent. 
Despite wishing Mr Choudhry - who tried to commit suicide after receiving torrents of abuse - all the best in his new marriage, Ms Lahore revealed the LGBT community in Muslim culture was thriving and there have already been several marriages. 
She said: “There are countless. In the last three years I’ve been to dozens [of] gay Muslim, same-sex marriages.
“I attended one last Thursday, of two gay British Bangladeshi guys.”
Ms Lahore, who comes from a Pakistani family but was raised in west London, said she believed gay Muslims were capitalising on the UK’s liberal laws surrounding marriage and civil partnerships. 
Ms Lahore revealed the LGBT community in Muslim culture was thriving
She added: “In south Asian Muslim culture, marriage is very much a milestone.
“Even if you identify as LGBT, marriage plays a big part in your upbringing and your psyche and I think LGBT Muslims in Britain are taking real advantage of equal marriage.
“I’m glad this young boy has declared so openly about his marriage, but want him to know there have been others before him and will be many more.”
Ms Lahore, previously known as a man named Asif Quraish, is currently transitioning to become a woman. 
But she revealed her own struggle with her sexuality and her family, who took her to the GP and an Imam in a bid to cure her. 
And while her parents were more liberal than some, allowing her to have relationships with men so long as they were secret, they continued to arrange her marriage to a woman. 
Ms Lahore rejected her family’s plan, instead entering in to a civil partnership
Marriage plays a big part in your upbringing
Asifa Lahore
But Ms Lahore rejected her family’s plan, instead entering in to a civil partnership in 2009 with a man she would later wed when equal marriage became legalised. 
The issue was still taboo within the culture, she said, with thousands of LGBT people in the Muslim faith too afraid to come out. 
Ms Lahore said: “We live in a country where we now have access to equal rights and they should be exercised.
“Never feel like you’re on your own or that you’re the only one.
Ms Lahore comes from a Pakistani family but was raised in west London