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West Yorkshire Police

Police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of Imran Khaliq.
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Khaliq, who is 38 and from Bradford was found guilty at Bradford Crown Court last month of raping a 17-year-old girl last year.

He failed to appear for the verdict and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Police have made extensive enquiries to trace him and are now issuing a public appeal to assist with their efforts.

He is described as Asian, of slim build and around 5ft 6ins tall.

He has links to the Greater Manchester area.

Detective Chief Inspector Paula Bickerdike, of Bradford District Police, said:

“We are appealing to the public to help us trace Khaliq, who is due to be sentenced in his absence later this year.

“It is important that he faces justice for this serious offence and enquiries to trace him are ongoing.

“There is no information at this time which suggests he poses a risk to the public, but we would ask for anyone who sees him not to approach him and to contact police on 101, so he can be brought back before the courts to be sentenced for this offence.”

Thursday, March 22, 2018

“Police ask public to become ‘counter-terrorism citizens’ to help stop attacks,

“Police ask public to become ‘counter-terrorism citizens’ to help stop attacks,” by Lizzie Dearden, Independent, March 20, 2018:
The new head of UK counter-terror policing has called on members of the public to become “counter-terrorism citizens” by passing on information that could help thwart attacks.
Speaking almost a year after the Westminster attack, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said more than a fifth of the 31,000 reports received last year resulted in useful intelligence.
“People are nervous about police overreacting or about wasting our time, but it’s never a waste of our time,” he told The Independent.
“They think the security machine and counter-terrorism policing is where it all happens but the statistics prove that in this country, public support is vital and it is working.”
People are being asked to look out for suspicious behaviour, including possessing weapons, chemicals, fertilisers or gas cylinders for no obvious reason, carrying out surveillance, having unusual items delivered, expressing extremist ideas or searching for terrorist material online.
Critics argued that the call for public help was “paving the way to the worst kinds of profiling, vigilantism and paranoia” amid ongoing controversy around the Government’s counter-extremism Prevent programme.
But Mr Basu said all reports were assessed by specialist officers who decide what is valuable and are “not going to overreact to a single piece of intelligence”.
“The point is you don’t have to make that judgement, you just have to feel nervous, and if you feel nervous, you shouldn’t sit on it – you should report it,” he added.
“Some people say ‘isn’t that a bit obvious’ or ‘it’s normal behaviour’ and that’s absolutely true but you’ve got to take that with people’s judgement.
“I think people have good instincts about what feels odd in their workplace, in their community and even in their family.”
Of almost 31,000 public reports to British counter-terror police in 2017, more than 6,600 (21 per cent) resulted in information used in live investigations or intelligence building.
Research suggests that while more than 80 per cent of people are motivated to report suspicious activity or behaviour, many are unclear exactly what they should be looking for.
Mr Basu said the five terror attacks that struck the UK last year, as well as 10 foiled Islamist plots and four planned attacks by the extreme right, involved similar methods.
“Lone actors on the extreme right are copycatting some of methodology that has been used by Islamist jihadists around the world,” he said, citing the attack using a van to ram people near a Finsbury Park mosque as one example.
“We’re asking the public to give us a small piece of information and we will join it together.”
Asked about incidents where police had received information but failed to prevent attacks, following warnings over the Manchester, London Bridge and Parsons Green attackers, he said forces were taking responsibility for improvements.
“Over the course of the last five years 23 plots have been disrupted, all of which saved lives,” Mr Basu added. “We are good at this but we can always be better.”
The call to action came after 36 victims were killed in the Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge and Finsbury Park terror attacks over four months of bloodshed in the UK.
A review by David Anderson QC, the former Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, found that security service missed opportunities to intercept the bombing at Manchester Arena and London Bridge attack and had the culprits on their radar.
Police and MI5 vowed to learn lessons from the atrocities, ahead of a revamped counter-terrorism strategy being announced by the Government this year.
Officials have warned of the pace of attack plots increasing, as the speed of radicalisation continues to fall partly thanks to the spread of online propaganda from Isis and other groups.
Some of the material has contained detailed advice on how to launch massacres quickly with readily available tools, with little prior planning, and evade detection by authorities.
The threat from both Islamists and the extreme right has been increasing as analysts document both groups feeding off each other in a process known as “reciprocal radicalisation”.
Arrests for terror offences are currently at a record level, with 412 made in 2017 and the number of white suspects rocketing by 61 per cent….

Nigel Farage Leaves Muslim Feminist SPEECHLESS On Sharia Law

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Anger over BBC ‘promoting Halal slaughter’ on Countryfile

THE BBC has come under fire for broadcasting a segment on Halal meat on Sunday night’s Countryfile with viewers accusing the Corporation of hitting a “new low” and “justifying vile Halal slaughter practices on our soil”.

Tom Heap: UK's Muslim community is saving sheep farming

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Countryfile on Sunday night looked at the problems faced by the UK's sheep farmers and presenter Tom Heap asked why people have fallen out of love with lamb.
According to Government guidelines animals must be stunned before slaughter unless an animal is being religiously slaughtered for halal or kosher meat.
84 percent of Halal meat comes from animals which have been stunned before slaughter, according to the RSPCA.
Mr Heap said: “Right now there are two things keeping sheep farming afloat in the UK. One is the export market and the other you might not expect - Britain’s Muslim community.
“Muslims make up just five percent of our population but would you believe it they eat 20 percent of the lamb and mutton we produce.”
An Imam and his wife shared a lamb curry with Mr Heap during the programme.
Mr Heap said: “Like some other religions how the animal is killed is significant and for Muslims that means Halal slaughter in which a blessing is said before the animal dies.
“In Halal there is a debate over whether the animals should be conscious or not when killed. The vast majority in this country are stunned before death.”

BBC Countryfile has come under fire for broadcasting a segment on Halal meat
BBC Countryfile has come under fire for broadcasting a segment on Halal meat

BBC Countryfile Halal slaughter discussion
BBC Countryfile: Tom Heap discussed Halal meat with a Muslim family
Discussing the practice the Imam said: “There are certain practices where you want to fulfil a commandment of God and you’re basically invoking God’s name upon that. You are making the sacrifice in the name of God and now it’s made Halal. Halal means permissible and it’s been made permissible by God for you.”
But the segment sparked fury online. Social media users condemned the BBC on Twitter.
PattyBee said: “How dare you try and promote Halal on my tv in my home #bbc #countryfile.”
BrianYorks said: “Can you believe it #countryfile on BBC - propaganda for halal slaughter. How low can BBC sink.”
Stephi King said: “Halal means 'permissible' . Permissible to you. Ah, that's ok then . Religious barbarism inflicted on the vulnerable & voiceless that has God's seal of approval. Lovely. Just lovely #countryfile.”
Mark C said: “A NEW LOW FOR THE BBC. We have come to expect #brexit negativity from Countryfile - but the STATE broadcaster of a CHRISTIAN country attempting to JUSTIFY VILE #halal slaughter practices ON OUR SOIL...THAT is BEYOND despicable. Complaints to @Ofcom will follow.”
Andrew Booten said: “That was the most facile, irresponsible, one sided coverage of halal slaughter I’ve ever heard. #Countryfile.”
ProActive Patriots said: “The BBC were shamelessly promoting halal slaughter in last night’s Countryfile. They neglected to mention animals are left to bleed to death while still conscious.”
BBC Countryfile sparked a large response onlineTWITTER
BBC Countryfile sparked a large response online
Other social media users commented on the segment blaming the price of lamb for the industry’s struggles.
Lyn Eaton said: “I love lamb but it’s too expensive #countryfile.”
@JaceUKMMA said: “People moaning about #halal on #countryfile You think killing animals in traditional ways and electrocution is any better? Idiots.”
Sally Griffin said: “You are wrong countryfile. people love lamb but it is expensive! #countryfile.”
Rosie Young said: British people LOVE lamb, LOWER the price and we'll buy loads! #countryfile.”
@K69atie said: “#countryfile You have missed the obvious point about the failing sales of lamb, COST. I love Lamb but haven't bought it for years,it's just too expensive.”
A BBC spokeswoman said: “Countryfile covers a range of rural issues and Sunday’s show examined the reduction in consumption of lamb in the UK and the factors keeping the sheep meat industry afloat.
“The question of what makes meat Halal was presented in a balanced and informative way.”

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Bradford Muslims Offended by Plan to Help Them Learn English…

Ishtaq Ahmed, spokesman for Bradford Council of Mosques

A GOVERNMENT plan to help people in Bradford learn English has been described as “insulting and patronising.”
The Communities Secretary, Sajid Javid, has promised to expand the teaching of English for immigrants with £50million of funding, beginning in five pilot areas, including Bradford.
Communities Secretary Mr Javid said there was a “segregation problem” in some of England’s schools and action was needed to tackle it.
The proposed Integrated Communities Strategy calls on schools to teach “British values” and sets out plans to boost English language skills and encourage women from minority communities to find jobs.
However, Ishtaq Ahmed, a spokesman for the Bradford Council of Mosques, said Bradford’s problems are due to a lack of investment, not integration.
“Once again the Government is trying to push its agenda and Bradford is being wrongly targeted,” he said.
“Many of Bradford’s issues and problems are to do with the lack of Government investment in it.
“Unemployment and a lack of education and opportunities are a direct result of targeting Bradford and taking millions of pounds out it in the last five years.”
Mr Ahmed said he believes communities in the city are integrating and the Government’s plans are unnecessary.
“I think we do integrate,” he added.
“I have lived in Bradford for the last 50 years, my children and grandchildren were all born here, but the Government has its own unique perception of Bradford that is totally displaced.
“At local level we need to do more and more to make sure different communities are connected and we are working together.
“The plans are out of touch and its approach to Bradford is very superficial.”
The strategy also includes proposals to tighten registration of home-schooling to protect children against exposure to extremist ideology.
Cllr Simon Cooke, Bradford Council’s Conservative group leader, welcomed the announcement.
He said: “It’s great news that the Conservative government is investing to promote integrated communities in Bradford for all our efforts to bring communities together, there are still too many people with no or poor English skills, too few women from some communities who are in work, and too much segregation leading to mistrust and misunderstanding.
“This investment will help Bradford respond to the challenge of improving education, opportunity and social cohesion across the City and District.”
Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education, said: “We want to make sure that all children learn the values that underpin our society - including fairness, tolerance and respect.
“These are values that help knit our communities together, which is why education is at the heart of this strategy.”

Monday, March 19, 2018

Jailed child sex gang leader 'to be freed 17 years early' despite horrific sexual grooming of young girls

Mubarek Ali was sentenced to 22 years in prison for acting as one of the ringleaders of a sickening child grooming gang that targeted girls as young as 13

Mubarek Ali acted as ring leader in a gang which sold children to other sex attackers

jailed child sex gang leader is set to be released from prison a staggering 17 years early.
Mubarek Ali was sentenced to 22 years in prison for acting as one of the ringleaders of a sickening child grooming gang that targeted girls as young as 13.
Their shocking abuse came to light when girls spoke of their traumatic experiences to youth workers in Telford.
Ali, 34, was captured as part of Operation Chalice in 2013.
After serving just under five years of his sentence, Ali is set to be released on licence as early as November.
Telford MP Lucy Allen said that Ali’s release was "wrong", and could lead to him rejoining the community where his victims continue to live.
In an open letter to the Shropshire Star , the MP said victims are “living in fear” and should have been better consulted ahead of Ali’s release.
She said: "Victims and members of the public would have expected a 22 year sentence to mean that the community could have time to heal and victims would be able to get on with their lives.
"What we see in this case is that the one of the main perpetrators is being released into the community only five years after the trial.
"This is clearly of enormous concern to victims in this case, especially those who gave evidence in court.
"What is unacceptable that in this case there was no attempt by the authorities to reach out these young women and prepare them for this wholly unexpected event.
"Worse still is the prospect that this person may be returned to Telford and naturally this has caused huge anxiety to victims."
Operation Chalice revealed harrowing evidence of a network of men targeting vulnerable girls for sex.
Some girls were even subjected to child prostitution at the hands of the Telford paedophile ring.
Seven men were finally convicted at Worcester Crown Court in 2013, after cases stretching over two years.
Ali and his brother Ahdel were leading players in the gang.
Ahdel Ali, 27, known as Eddie, was given a 26-year extended sentence – 18 years’ immediate custody with an additional eight-year period on licence after release.

Pakistani Paedophile rings in the UK – WHY & HOW

Muslim grooming gangs are justified using religious reasons.

'ASIAN' = MUSLIM 99% OF THE TIMEThe politically correct term 'Asian' is used by the leftist UK media as a way to cast suspicion on a wider group of people and take some of the negative attention away from the group usually responsible for committing the heinous acts. 

A perfect example would be the Muslim grooming gang epidemic which are constantly referred to by the press and authorities as 'Asian' grooming gangs. It isn't people from China, Japan or any Far Eastern Asian place. 

Nor is it Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists,Christians Etc....They are Muslims!!!! Please keep this in mind when seeing the term 'Asian' on any post

412 arrests for terrorism-related offences in Britain in 2017

412 arrests for terrorism-related offences in Britain in 2017
412 arrests for terrorism-related offences in Britain in 2017
Official figures show there were 412 arrests for terrorism-related offences in Britain in 2017.
It was an increase of 58% compared with 2016 and the first time the tally for a calendar year has been above 300.
A Home Office bulletin said the increase was partly due to a large number of arrests after attacks in London and Manchester.
The vast majority of the arrests last year were linked to either international or domestic terrorism, which were both at the highest level on record.
Three hundred of the arrests were in the international category, which covers suspected activity linked to or motivated by terrorist groups based outside the UK - such as Islamic State.
Seventy-one of the arrests were logged in the domestic bracket, which relates to cases where there is no connection to either Northern-Ireland related or international terrorism.
Further breakdowns are not given in the statistics but it is thought the rise in "domestic" arrests mainly reflects an increasing focus on suspected extreme right-wing activity.
Of the arrests made over the year: 135 resulted in a charge, of which 110 were charged with terrorism-related offences; 228 individuals were released without charge; 33 were released on bail pending further investigation; 13 faced "alternative action"; and three cases were pending.
The statistics also showed:
- The number of white suspects arrested, 145, was the highest since data collection started in 2001, while 170 individuals of Asian ethnicity were arrested, a 37% increase on 2016
- Sixty-one females were arrested - the largest number for any calendar year
- Arrests of those aged under 18 reached record levels, with 27 last year
- The proportion of suspects considering themselves to be of British or British dual nationality, 68%, was the lowest in a calendar year since 2011
- As of the end of last year, 224 prisoners were in custody after being charged with or convicted of terrorism-related offences
- The Metropolitan Police Service carried out 767 stop and searches under the Terrorism Act - an increase of 59% on the previous year
Security chiefs have described the scale of the threat being confronted as unprecedented.
Police and MI5 are running more than 600 live counter-terror investigations relating to 3,000 individuals.
There is also a wider pool of 20,000 former "subjects of interest" who have previously featured in probes and who are kept under review.
Britain was hit by five attacks in 2017, while counter-terror agencies made an unprecedented number of interventions to thwart suspected attack planning.
Police say 10 Islamist and four extreme right-wing plots have been stopped since the Westminster atrocity in March last year.
Security Minister Ben Wallace said the figures released on Thursday are "testament to the breadth of work undertaken by the police, Security Service and wider judicial system in identifying and stopping terrorism in our communities and bringing those responsible to justice".
He added: "The police and Security Service have been clear about the scale of the threat we face.
"We will continue to work with them and other agencies to ensure we have a broad response to all forms of terrorism both now and in the future."

Man married woman with severe head injury to improve immigration status

Man married woman with severe head injury to improve immigration status
Man married woman with severe head injury to improve immigration status
Mr Justice Baker has decided that the Islamic marriage was "arranged entirely" by the man and the woman's father.
He said a ceremony had taken place at a time when the woman was vulnerable to influence and has ruled that the marriage is not valid under English law.
The judge, who examined evidence at a hearing in a specialist court, also concluded that the woman's father had spent her money "for his own purposes" with no intention of repaying her.
Mr Justice Baker had analysed the case at a hearing in the Court of Protection, where issues relating to people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions are considered, in London, and has outlined his conclusions in a written ruling.
The judge, who heard evidence from witnesses including medical specialists, a social worker, an Islamic law expert and the woman's father, said the woman could not be identified.
He said she had links to London and Northampton and said the marriage, solemnised by an imam, had taken place at the Northampton Islamic Centre.
Mr Justice Baker indicated that investigations had started after one of the woman's female relatives raised concerns about forced marriage.
"(The man's) primary motive for marrying (the woman) was to achieve an improved immigration status," said Mr Justice Baker in his ruling.
"(Her father) knew that this was his primary motive."
The judge said the woman's father's motives were "more difficult to discern" and added: "I conclude that he acted partly to assist (the man) in his immigration application but also because he thought it would be right for (the woman), and the family as a whole, for her to be married."
He said the marriage was "arranged entirely" by the man and the woman's father and that the woman was "unquestionably married under the influence of her father".

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw Says ‘Some Pakistani Men See White Girls as Easy Meat’

Mr. Straw was Home Secretary from 1997 to 2001 – a time of activity for many of the grooming gangs so far discovered – overseeing an unprecedented increase in mass immigration and a continued shift towards politically correct culture within government.
“Jack Straw’s former advisor said Ministers intended to ‘rub the Right’s nose in diversity’,” commented former UKIP leader Nigel Farage in response to Mr. Straw’s remarks Thursday, referring to the infamous admission of New Labour adviser Andrew Neather reported in 2009.
Mr. Neather revealed that Labour “deliberately” plotted to “open up the UK to mass migration” to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country.
Yet despite his long record in office, Mr. Straw appeared to echo the arguments of some of the political right, using words that could easily have him accused of a “hate crime” as he spoke on the BBC Daily Politics show.
He said: “It goes back some of the nature of Pakistani society in the villages where these people come from. It’s very complicated. Some people attribute it to Islam; that’s not the case at all.
“It’s a cultural problem about the way in which this particular segment of Pakistani men in this country happen to regard white girls… they see them as easy meat.”
Speaking of other scandals across the country, he added: “In Rotherham, you’ve had these terrible examples where social services and police really covered their eyes to what was going on with disastrous consequences.”
Also on the programme, Telford MP Lucy Allan said: “The grooming gangs are without doubt of Pakistani heritage in Telford.
“There have been 2 cases prosecuted where gangs of Pakistani men were sentenced for long periods of time for abuse of white working class girls.”
Mr. Straw made similar comments about grooming gangs in 2011, shortly after he left the Cabinet, sparking outrage in Westminster, after sparking protests (pictured, above) by Muslims in the North of England for criticising the full-face veil.
He argued that there was a “specific problem” in some areas of the country where men from the Pakistani community “target vulnerable young white girls”.
Mr. Straw was attacked by other Labour politicians, including Khalid Mahmood, Labour MP for Birmingham Perry Barr, and Keith Vaz, then-chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.
Since 2011, dozens of grooming gangs have been exposed, including in Newcastle, Rochdale, Oxford, and Bristol. A study by Muslim think tank the Quilliam Foundation found that 84 per cent of those convicted are “Asian”.