Sunday, May 20, 2018

Muslim schoolteacher screams that he will “fight” and “die” for Islam, loses his job — but not for that

A teacher from a Rainham school who was seen on social media stating he was ready to fight and die for Islam has left his job.
Fortunately. However:
The termination of his placement is not connected with the allegations made on social media and instead relates to a performance related process that predates this.
Hegab has the mind of a dangerous jihadist. After he made those statements, he should have been immediately escorted out of the school, detained and investigated. His words were a declaration of jihad, which is much more of a serious issue than that of job performance. There should be an outcry from parents of the children at the school.
Many perpetrators of jihad attacks showed prior aggressive inclinations and were known to authorities, but they slipped through the cracks because authorities were more concerned about appearing “racist” and “Islamophobic” than about public safety. The UK is home to some 23,000 jihadists.
“Rainham teacher who said he would ‘fight’ and ‘die’ for Islam leaves school,” by Liam Coleman, Romford Recorder, May 18, 2018:
A teacher from a Rainham school who was seen on social media stating he was ready to fight and die for Islam has left his job.
Mohammed Hegab was a trainee history teacher at Harris Academy in Rainham, and the headteacher of the school issued a letter to parents a few days ago to say his placement terminated.
Headteacher Gareth Stananought said that the suspension was unrelated to allegations made on social media.
Mohammed has a YouTube channel with over 60,000 followers where he speaks about Islam, and in videos compares feminism and Islam, and also speaks about issues such as bullying.
There are also videos circulating on YouTube and social media of Mohammed attending a Freedom of Speech event in Whitehall, where he is allegedly punched by members of the Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DLA).
In these videos Mohammed is stood close to a group of DLA members and police officers and shouts that he will “fight” and “die” for Islam and his freedom of speech.
Following what he says the group of alleged DLA members run towards Mohammed and other members of Mohammed’s group and a fight breaks out.
On the DLA Facebook group it describes itself as “opposing all forms of terrorism and extremism and will stand up against grooming gangs up and down the country.”
The letter sent to parents on Tuesday (May 15) said: “A number of parents contacted the academy at the end of last week regarding allegations made on social media about the behaviour outside school of a trainee history teacher who, until recently, was on a fixed term placement at Harris Academy Rainham.
“The trainee teacher has not been present in school since May 4, 2018.
“I can confirm that his placement has ended and he will not be returning.
“The termination of his placement is not connected with the allegations made on social media and instead relates to a performance related process that predates this….

Monday, May 14, 2018

Islamic school library carries book saying husbands can hit their wives and demand sex anytime

British authorities are surprised by this? They think this school is “extremist”?
It isn’t. These teachings are mainstream Islam:
“Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34
Muhammad “struck me on the chest which caused me pain, and then said: Did you think that Allah and His Apostle would deal unjustly with you?” — Aisha (Sahih Muslim 2127)
Muhammad said: “If a husband calls his wife to his bed [i.e. to have sexual relation] and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning” (Bukhari 4.54.460).
He also said: “By him in Whose Hand lies my life, a woman can not carry out the right of her Lord, till she carries out the right of her husband. And if he asks her to surrender herself [to him for sexual intercourse] she should not refuse him even if she is on a camel’s saddle” (Ibn Majah 1854).
“Islamic school accused of warning girls not to use tampons,” by Adam Smith, Metro, May 11, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
An Islamic school in Birmingham has warned female pupils not to use tampons, it has been claimed today.
The Al-Hijrah School reportedly sent out the guidance in a memo to teachers which called for ‘physical, sexual, moral and emotional development’ of pupils.
The school library also allegedly contained a book which said husbands can hit their wives and demand sex at any time.
A document leaked to the Sun called Sex and Relationships Education Policy 2017 discusses personal hygiene and states: ‘Among the various types of pads, tampons may not be appropriate due to insertion.’…
The school’s headteacher Arshad Mohammed said: ‘The guidance regarding the use of tampons is part of our sex education policy and is information relating to personal hygiene for pupils.
‘At no point has this had any connection to faith.’…

1,200 cases of forced marriage annually — one involving a two-year-old child

“More than a third of cases related to Pakistan but the number of Somalian cases has increased by a massive 100 per cent year on year.”
Welcome to Theresa May’s brave, new multicultural Britain. Celebrate diversity! Diversity is our strength! This practice results from the dehumanization and commodification of women in Islam. With polygamy (Qur’an 4:3) and wife-beating allowed (Qur’an 4:34) and women’s testimony (Qur’an 2:282) and inheritance rights (Qur’an 4:11) devalued, and Islamic law making women essentially the possessions of first their fathers and then their husbands, this sort of thing is bound to happen. And in Britain continues its race to chaos and Sharia, there is going to be much, much more of it.
“New figures show scale of forced marriages in the UK – with one child as young as two rescued,” by Lynn Davidson, The Sun, May 11, 2018:
A TOT aged TWO was Britain’s youngest ‘victim’ of forced marriage in Britain last year, shock official figures revealed yesterday.
The Home Office revealed the toddler was one of 1,196 cases dealt with by officials investigating potential forced marriages by expat families in the UK last year.
The oldest involved a 100 year-old pensioner.
The infant was one of 355 children under 18 helped by the Government’s Forced Marriage Unit last year.
One in five cases related to male victims.
More than a third of cases related to Pakistan but the number of Somalian cases has increased by a massive 100 per cent year on year.
The FMU dealt with 1,196 cases last year – a decline of 19 per cent on 2016.
But experts said that did not represent a reduction in the number of forced marriages in Britain….
Since 2012, the facility has provided support in between 1,200 and 1,400 cases per year….
It added: “Forced marriage is a hidden crime, and these figures may not reflect the full scale of the abuse.”

Muslim doctor cleared of sexual misconduct charges due to his “different cultural background”

“Iraqi doctor likened to Homer Simpson who pestered two female colleagues with ‘clumsy’ chat-up lines is cleared of sexual misconduct due to his ‘different cultural background,'” by Phoebe Southworth, Mailonline, May 14, 2018 
An Iraqi doctor likened to Homer Simpson by his colleagues was cleared of sexual misconduct after his ‘clumsy’ chat-up lines were put down to his ‘different cultural background’.
Dr Alaa Alasadi, 47, pestered two of his female co-workers with oafish remarks and inappropriate comments, a medical tribunal in Manchester heard.
The disciplinary panel heard he lifted up one woman’s top and bombarded another with suggestive messages between 2016 and March 2017.
But he will return to work after a four-month suspension because the panel decided his conduct was ‘inappropriate’ and ‘lacked integrity’ but was not ‘sexually predatory’.
A senior GP said Alasadi’s attempts to give ‘positive feedback and encouragement to staff’ could be misinterpreted as flirting due to his ‘different cultural background’.
Alasadi persistently pursued a happily married GP and tried to stop her leaving Sheet Street Surgery, near Windsor Castle in Berkshire, when she found a new job.
The relentless medic, a partner at the practice, claimed he had hidden his feelings for her for a ‘whole year’.
On the day she handed in her notice he texted her saying: ‘Please don’t leave. Today was a sad day. I always go through difficult time in my life but nothing like this.’
Alasadi, whose colleagues at the surgery compared him with blundering cartoon character Homer Simpson, then bombarded the woman with messages.
He told the GP they should leave their respective partners and have an affair, adding: ‘You are the most beautiful thing in my life.’
The second woman on Alasadi’s radar was the practice manager at the surgery.
She alleged he lifted up her top to look at her underwear and said he ‘wanted to get someone blonde like her.’
He also invited her out for dinner and asked if he could go away with her for a weekend in the New Forest, she claimed.
On one occasion he rang her from an airport as he was about to fly to Ireland, saying he ‘missed her’ and ‘wanted to hear her voice’.
In his texts to the first woman, Alasadai wrote: ‘I hope I am not intruding texting u while u r home with your family? There is a lot that I want to say but may be inappropriate texting you while you are home with your husband. There is nothing inside me towards you but nice things and nice feelings.’
‘I am happy with anything you do that makes you happy. You have a nice kind innocent lovely adorable sole (sic). I really envy your husband. I sleep in my own room. Doctors have to be happily married, so they say.
‘I didn’t want to disturb your life but I have feelings that I couldn’t resist. I am really sorry I hesitated to say anything for a whole year but today I couldn’t hide it. Oh God I feel so bad now.’
Describing Alasadi’s dealings with the GP, Miss Elizabeth Dudley-Jones, counsel for the General Medical Council, said: ‘He explained that he would do anything to make her stay and asked if they could go out for dinner.
‘At the time she thought it was a leaving event scenario for her but he then sent her a text message which consisted of one crying face emoji.
‘The next text message she received said “please don’t leave”.
‘She didn’t think the messages were too serious but he then began to send her a series of text messages saying he had feelings for her for over a year and wanted to tell her about these feelings in person.
‘She was shocked because it seemed so out of the blue. She was a happily married woman and said she wasn’t interested and they should forget and move on.’
The woman reported her concerns, but Alasadi sent her an email saying: ‘I was very helpful and supportive to you all the way since we started working together.
‘I have never thought that you were going to complain about my remarks as I was so na├»ve and innocent when I was texting you in the evening with a glass of wine in my hand. I can only apologise for that but the harm and the deformation happens (sic) to me was irreparable…’
But Dr Julian Howells, who trained Alasadi in 2008, told the hearing: ‘Originally from Iraq, he has a different cultural background from indigenous doctors and during his training we would sometimes discuss this.
‘His demeanour to staff and colleagues was often friendly and complimentary. His intention was to give positive feedback and encouragement to the staff.
‘I explained to him that in British culture there was a danger that this could be misconstrued as being flirtatious and cause discomfort that was not intended.’…

Friday, May 11, 2018

Wannabe jihadi bride 'plotted to unleash terror in heart of city'

A WOULD-BE jihadi bride planned to "unleash terror in the heart of London", a court heard yesterday. Safaa Boular even gave a codename to her planned attack, the "Alice In Wonderland" tea party.

Safaa Boular
Safaa Boular planned to 'unleash terror in the heart of London' a court heard
The girl was just 17 when she decided to martyr herself in a grenade and gun assault on the British Museum.
She had earlier planned to travel to Syria and marry her Islamic State fiance, Naweed Hussain, 32, who had groomed her online, jurors were told.
The two had never met but were going to blow themselves up in a suicide attack, wanting to "depart the world holding hands and take others with them in an act of terrorism".
However Hussain, a British Pakistani who joined IS in Syria in June 2015, was killed there last year.
All you need is a car and a knife to get what I want to achieve
Naweed Hussain - Her Islamic State fiance reportedly said
Grenade So Boular then planned to "unleash violence and terror in the heart of London", said Duncan Atkinson, QC, prosecuting.
Hussain had already trained Boular online. She talked before his death of a gun and grenade attack but he allegedly told her to get a knife to slash victims outside the British Museum.
"All you need is a car and a knife to get what I want to achieve," he reportedly said.
Boular was arrested for allegedly trying to travel to Syria last April, the court heard. But while in custody, she urged her older sister Rizlaine, 21, to "carry the torch forward in her stead" and launch a knife attack at the Palace of Westminster.
In phone calls from jail, she talked about having an "Alice In Wonderland" themed tea party, allegedly code for a terror attack, the jury heard.
But on April 27 last year, the day of the proposed Westminster attack, police arrested Rizlaine Boular, of Clerkenwell, central London. She has since admitted planning an attack, the jury was told. Safaa Boular, now 18, of Vauxhall, south London, denies two counts of preparing acts of terrorism.
Joel Bennathan, QC, defending, told jurors: "She was a child who was sexually groomed, someone who was groomed to be radicalised."
The trial continues.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

British government appoints a Pakistani Muslim as Home Secretary

Muslim supporters of Sunni murderer of Ahmadi threaten to murder Muslim prison chaplains

“Sectarian Killers Threaten UK Muslim Prison Chaplains with Murder”, by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, May 1, 2018:
Muslim prison chaplains have warned their lives are in danger from sectarian radicals supporting a Sunni Muslim from Bradford who killed a member of the Ahmadiyya sect living in Scotland.
The religious leaders say killer Tanveer Ahmed has “put out a death warrant” on their heads and that there are radical Muslims living in English “ghettos” who are prepared to kill them, demanding more protection.
They have been passing authorities information on Mr. Ahmed’s activities behind bars, claiming he is preaching extremism and encouraging sectarian violence.
Mr. Ahmed is serving 27 years after driving 200 miles to Glasgow in March 2016 to kill shopkeeper Asad Shah, hours after he wished his “beloved Christian nation” happy Easter on social media.
Mr. Shah was a member of the minority Ahmadiyya sect, which has theological differences with mainstream Islam, promotes peace and integration, and strongly supports British armed forces.
The sect is excluded from public office, officially declared apostates, and widely persecuted in their native Pakistan, where killers of “apostates” are celebrated by thousands, including Mr. Ahmed, who has become a cult figure.
The prison chaplains in Scotland, who are paid to provide spiritual guidance to Muslim prisoners, say they fear a copycat attack and are demanding more protection in talks with the Scottish Prison Service.
“This is a vocation but I’m not going to put my family at risk for it,” one told the Scottish Herald. “Ahmed is promoting sectarian division which is much more dangerous to Scotland than [Islamic State].
“My experience is we do not have an ISIS problem in Scotland. I haven’t had any prisoners of that ilk. In my experience, the biggest risk is this sectarianism within the Muslim community…..

Monday, April 30, 2018

Government reveals there are SEVEN HUNDRED Islamist and far-right extremists in UK prisons as second 'jail within a jail'

  • Number published as Government announces a separation centre at Full Sutton
  • It is thought 700 figure is an estimate of inmates linked to any form of extremism
  • MoJ said there has been a 75% rise in prisoners convicted of terrorism offences
There are seven hundred prisoners in British jails considered a risk because of their Islamist or far-right nationalist views. 
The number, published for the first time since authorities launched a crackdown on radicalisation behind bars, was disclosed as the Government announced a second separation centre to house the 'most subversive' prisoners at HMP Full Sutton.
Ministers announced plans to set up three specialist facilities to isolate fanatics from the rest of the population last year.
Moves to establish the 'jails within jails' gathered pace after an official review warned that Islamist extremism was a growing problem in prisons in England and Wales.
The assessment found evidence of offenders advocating support for ISIS and 'charismatic' prisoners acting as 'self-styled emirs' to radicalise other inmates.

The first separation centre opened at HMP Frankland in Durham in July.

Announcing the opening of the facility at HMP Full Sutton, in East Yorkshire, the Ministry of Justice said: 'With 700 prisoners considered a risk due to their extremist views, and foreign fighters returning from Syria and Iraq hardened and dangerous, the Government is meeting the challenge of confronting and countering the spread of poisonous ideology within prisons.'

It is understood the 700 figure is an overall estimate of all inmates linked to any form of extremism, including Islamist or far-right ideologies.

The MoJ said there has been a 75 per cent increase in prisoners convicted of terrorism-related offences in the last three years.
At the end of December there were 224 individuals in custody in Britain after being charged with or convicted of terrorism-related crimes.

Of those, 192, or 86 per cent, were assessed as holding Islamist views, while 21, or just under a tenth, were identified as having extreme far-right sympathies.

Justice Secretary David Gauke said there had been a 75 per cent rise in terrorism-related offences over the last three years 
Justice Secretary David Gauke said there had been a 75 per cent rise in terrorism-related offences over the last three years 
Other prisoners held for non-terrorism offences but deemed to be an extremism risk were also counted in the 700 figure.

Justice Secretary David Gauke said: 'As a result of the Government's unprecedented action to protect the public from extremists, we have seen a 75 per cent rise in terrorism-related prisoners over the last three years.

'That means we need to do more than ever before to confront and counter the threat, including the spread of all forms of poisonous ideology within prisons - and we are meeting that challenge.

'With thousands of prison staff now trained to deal with extremism, an enhanced intelligence capability and separation centres for the most subversive prisoners, we are well equipped to deal with this threat.'

Inmates can be moved to the specialist units if they are linked to terror plotting or considered to pose a risk to national security.

Those seeking to influence others to commit terrorist crimes, or whose extremist views are undermining good order and security behind bars can also be taken out of the mainstream population.

The third centre will be in operation by the end of the year, the MoJ said. The three sites combined will hold up to 28 individuals. 

Up to 70,000 radicalised Islamists lurking in EU

Europe will be locked in a cat and mouse battle with up to 70,000 radicalised Islamists operating within its borders for years to come, experts have warned.
They revealed the huge number of terrorists as they told EU politicians about the increasingly complex threat that will be posed to security services in future.
In a report to the European Parliament, the Paris-based Centre for the Analysis of Terrorism said that potential attackers were increasingly turning to more rudimentary tactics, making them harder to monitor.
The think-tank said IS’s heavy defeats in the Middle East would not diminish its ability to carry out devastating attacks either in Britain or on the UK’s doorstep.
It said the population of radicalised Islamists operating in Europe stands at between 60,000 and 70,000, with France alone said to hold around 20,000.
The think-tank’s chief, Jean-Charles Brisard, said: ‘That is no doubt the main thing which is going to be of a direct concern for years going forward.’
Figures presented by the body said that 62 terrorist incidents occurred in the EU last year.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Sacked mosque treasurer, 65, who breached a restraining order by setting up a rogue website to falsely accuse fellow Muslim worshippers of being paedophiles is spared jail

  • javed Javed made false claims about worshippers at the Madina Mosque, Cardiff
  • He spread lies after he was sacked as treasurer following a row with members
  • In January 2017, he was given a order banning him from making the posts
  • He carried on spreading the lies was given eight month suspended sentence
Javed Javed, 65, made false claims that four worshippers at the Madina Mosque in Cardiff were paedophiles. Pictured: Leaving Cardiff Crown Court today
Javed Javed, 65, made false claims that four worshippers at the Madina Mosque in Cardiff were paedophiles. Pictured: Leaving Cardiff Crown Court today
A sacked mosque official who set up a rogue website to wrongly accuse other Muslim worshippers of being paedophiles has managed to avoid jail.
Javed Javed made false claims about four men at the Madina mosque in Cardiff, linking them with child abuse and picturing them next to 'offensive' images such as pigs and alcohol.
The 65-year-old was sacked as treasurer of the mosque after a row with members, a court heard.
He then started using a website to upload 'derogatory' posts about the men. 
In January 2017, Javed was given a restraining order banning him from making the posts, which he ignored.
He then set up another website where he accused the Mosque of harbouring paedophiles.
Prosecutor Peter Donnison said: 'He said members were paedophiles and involved in child sex offenses.
'He said individuals were having affairs with other members of the community, and the mosque harboured individuals associated with these activities.
'He also posted grossly offensive images including pictures of pigs and alcohol alongside members of the community.
'The victims found the images disturbing and said they were disgusted.' 

His victims told Cardiff Crown court they lived in fear because of the false accusations leveled against them by Javed.

One victim said: 'I am concerned about going out in public because I'm aware people may have seen the website and believed his lies.'

Another said: 'I'm angry and disgusted Javed breached these order. Despite the hurt he caused we saw fit to forgive him and allow him to get his life straight.

'Nothing he said is true but I find myself being degraded by others on social media. It's had a detrimental effect on my social life.

'It's having an effect on my family and causes arguments because they want this to stop.'

Javed Javed, 65, made bogus sex claims about four men at the mosque - by linking them with child abuse and picturing them next to "offensive" images such as pigs and alcohol
Javed Javed, 65, made bogus sex claims about four men at the mosque - by linking them with child abuse and picturing them next to "offensive" images such as pigs and alcohol

One official at the mosque told the court: 'The impact it's had has been distressing and caused anger at the mosque.'

Neil Treharne, defending, said: 'He apologises for the upset he has caused. He will not be posting such things again.' 

He told the court that Javed was 'broke' having recently been made homeless and was 'extremely ill' a stroke and kidney failure. 

Giving his ruling, Jeremy Jenkins QC said Javed had caused 'considerable anxiety' to his victims.

He said: 'Each of these gentlemen acted with dignity and restraint despite the fact they must have been hurt by the things you posted.'

Javed, of Pontprennau, Cardiff, admitted six counts of acting in breach of a restraining order, was given an eight month suspended sentence and ordered to pay a £140 surcharge.